The Every Mask was founded when one of the two co-founders, Jack, was searching for a reusable and fashionable face mask for everyday wear. He then realized that not only there was a scarcity in the variety of suppliers, there was also limited supply and long wait times.

He then thought of his good friend and neighbour Claire, who is an accomplished seamstress - to make one for him. Impressed by the quality, workmanship and how comfortable it was to wear it for long periods of time, they then decided to collaborate and contribute the supply of masks to the community.

Being an employee of NSW Health and also owning his own cafe, Jack & Claire intend to leverage on their available platform to spread awareness, safe health practices, and the importance of masks in preventing the spread of Covid.

The Every Mask comes in a unique 3D design, made from 100% Linen that maximizes breath-ability comfort, ....3 layer with a pocket for filter.... providing for the required protection, yet not compromising comfort and fashionability. 

Five colours are available for Every occassion, Every style, and Everyone. It also comes with a cotton mask cover that you can easily fit in your pocket, jacket or handbag.